Saturday, June 15, 2013

Counting down to K-K-N

Okay, this posting doesn't have relation to Creative Writing class, thus I wanna posting it in Bahasa Indonesia. May I?

Tinggal dua minggu lagi nih menuju KKN 2013 bersama tim KP 04 yang siap mengabdi untuk masyarakat Desa Sidoharjo, Kecamatan Samigaluh, Kulonprogo (it's Westprog!) 
Dulunya, aku bergabung dengan tim KKN Senduro, Lumajang, Jawa Timur. Namun, karena keputusan LPPM yang...... (panjang ceritanya, anak UGM pasti pada tau deh) akhirnya tim KKN kami bubar dan tidak melanjutkan kerjasama untuk menjadi tim pengusul.

Iya, aku pasrah. Aku berserah pada Allah SWT dan LPPM (?)
(if only you don't know what is LPPM, it is "Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat)
Aku akhirnya memilih untuk ditempatkan oleh LPPM di mana saja dan kapan saja (?)
tapi kerana aku memilih wilayah 1 yakni D.I.Y dan sekitarnya, aku mendapatkan tim ini yay!

First impression of this group? great !
Tim kami kelihatan kompak (dan semoga memang kompak) dan anggotanya kelihatan menyenangkan semua (dan semoga memang benar) *grin*

Aku berharap banyak pada KKN ini, aku ingin kami dikenang oleh Desa tempat kami mengabdi nanti. Dikenang karena kerja keras, hasil maksimal dan attitude yang baik tentunya. Bukan dikenang kerana sesuatu yang buruk (amin - in please) Sekarang aku juga lagi ngumpulin buku bekas nih untuk perpustakaan desa sana. Baru ke kumpul dua kardus nih huhu

Yuk, ditunggu cerita selanjutnya mengenai KKN~

Fighting !

an Editing of Listiyaningsih's post

This is an editing of Listiyaningsih's posting from:
Which originally entitled         
"He" is Beautiful

Gone to Bali for the last two weeks for an important agenda, Mas Dalih, our creative writing lecturer, sent his friends Mbak Abmi to substitute for him. She had come as a guest speaker before. As I mentioned in my previous post, one Monday she played the movie Bag It which we had to review. Last week, she brought a guest, a beautiful guest with long hair, a pointed nose, and a proportional body. She sat in a back row. She might appear as a woman, but something unusual about her. I kept wondering if she was actually a “he”. To our surprise, Mbak Abmi mentioned that she was a waria.

  Her introduction began with her name, Olivia Sonya Aresta which ushered us into her world. A nocturnal world whose residents are notoriously known as waria or transvestite. Born in Klaten, she is now living in Yogya, her home since her vocational education. However, her jobs outnumbered her homes. She did odd-jobs like being a volunteer for PKBI (Persatuan Keluarga Berencana Indonesia), a seller of online shop and rather specialized jobs such as a bridal make-up artist.

 To be accepted by her family and finding her identity are her list things to do for her homework, she struggles through it because her mother still can't accept her as a waria.

From Klaten to Jogja, she moved on. She told us that in the past, she felt comfortable when played around with girls than boys, this moment led her to be girly and caught also mocked by her friend in Senior High School (SHS) when she dressed up like a girl. That was the reason why she decided to Hijrah to Yogyakarta. 

She felt Yogyakarta has different ambiance than other cities. She traveled around Solo, Bandung, Jakarta, Bali, but she found out that Yogyakarta is her soulmate. She also became a volunteer in Bantul, Yogyakarta after Earthquake. She wants to help people, especially, against HIV AIDS. She also wants to prove that the identity of waria is not a mere marginal society but they have real contributions to this world by doing something useful. 

Her beauty inside, give me so much inspiration..

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Art Curatorial: a Painting of Volkswagen Beetle

 This is a great acrylic painting made by Kim Yee Seul, my classmate in English Literature. Sixteen years old was her age when she painted it. That's her dream for riding pink-cute Volkswagen on the road on summer. Actually, she only made the car itself, without the background, but she added it. It's a good decision, since that background (sky with white clouds, grass) made the painting lively and the gradation of the colors are match: soft pink meets up with fresh green and calm soft blue. And the last, thick gray road with shadow emphasized the others fresh color. Grabbing attention of my eyes is this Kim Yee Seul's pink Volkswagen ! If you have free time, don't hesitate to visit her blog:      

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Contact them, please

There are some of publishers in Indonesia that will help us to develop our skills in writing :)

Equinox Publishing is an Indonesia-based boutique independent book publisher founded on the autumnal equinox in 1999. Publishing categories include fiction, non-fiction, illustrated and specially-commissioned works.
Equinox Publishing
Cyber 2 Tower 18/F
Jl. HR Rasuna Said Blok X-5/13
Jakarta 12950
Tel: +62 21 5799 8989
Fax: +62 21 5799 8988
  ( cr:

First established in 1992 in Jakarta, Indo Multi Media (IMM) has built its reputation on providing highly rated, multi-lingual and multi-genre material through its named publications and contract publishing.
With experienced editors, contributors, photographers and creative staff, IMM has become one of Indonesia’s leading English language publishing groups.
The goal of IMM is to become an innovative leader in the Indonesian publishing industry, providing quality material in the print and electronic publishing arenas through its different integrated divisions.
Globe Building 3rd Floor, Jl. Buncit Raya Kav. 31-33, Jakarta 12740, Indonesia • Tel. +62 21 7918 7008 • Fax. +62 21 7918 7009 • E-mail:
Pertokoan Kuta Center Blok B2 & B12, Jl. Kartika Plaza, Kuta Bali , Indonesia • Tel. +62 361 919 0756, 756 354 • Fax. +62 361 756354 • E-mail:


International Marketing is a department within Gramedia Group of Book Publishing Companies, Kompas Gramedia Corporation. We represent five book publishers of the group: Gramedia Pustaka Utama, Elex Media Komputindo, Gramedia Widiasarana Indonesia, Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia and m&c! We run and are in charge of promoting and licensing our original titles abroad. Our website,
links to:,,,,,


Periplus Online Bookstore

Periplus Online Bookstore
PT. Periplus Bookindo
Jl. Rawa Gelam IV No.9
Kawasan Industri Pulogadung
Jakarta Timur


Saturday, May 18, 2013

(S)he came !

"Hidup dan belajar kalian bukan cuma di kampus, bersosialisasi lah!" (Your life and study aren't only in your college, so be socialize) 
That's the words that I remind the most which was said by the person who came as a guest in Creative Writing class last Monday. Her name is Mbak Sonya, and she originally came from Klaten, Central Java. Once she spoke in front of the class, we started to murmur and wondering about her appearance. Ya, she looks "different" from us, although that's not something new in our life, in short, she is an waria (a man who changes his appearance into completely woman, but his gender still as a man).

"My name is Sonya, and I'm a freelancer", she started to share her bittersweet of life and her background. "Don't ask my real name, just call me S-o-n-y-a" she added. That made us laugh, cause that question really came to our mind. She told us how hard her life in the past, and the reason why she chose that decision. 

She was an activist and volunteer in PKBI (Persatuan Keluarga Berencana Indonesia) which concern in Indonesian family. Spreading the information about HIV/AIDS towards all Indonesian people whom she met, is one of her activities when she was in PKBI. She was also become volunteer when an Earthquake in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on 2006. 

Don't look her from her appearance, but please look and imitate her good attitude in socializing with others. She doesn't look ashamed of herself, but she proud of it!  
Hardworking, helping and respecting people, make some people around her give good respond to her. Despite, some of them also look down on her and I am one of them, but it happened in the past, before I saw and listened to her story.

In conclusion, give respect and chance for "them" to pursue their happiness, and give those two things for our self to be better that before. If they can be a helpful person, so why can't we?   

Friday, May 10, 2013

Review of "Bag it" movie

    There is one of amazing documentary movie which opened my eyes, entitled bag it. This movie brings the issues of plastic which becomes a problem for our environment also for our precious Earth. Plastic, in this movie, is explained as a disposable thing and hard to be recycled. Susan Beraza as the director of this movie provides us many facts about plastic and the dangerous of it that we can't imagine before. Everyone in everywhere ( including me!) using plastic in their daily activity. Mall, supermarket, offices, school till house using plastic for packaging, plastic bag, tools and many more. 
    The trash of those plastics are thrown away to the sea/ocean by the unresponsible human (maybe we also included into this kind of human?) and damage the ocean health or marine debris. Some fishes and turtles which can't distinguish between plankton, jelly fish and the pieces of plastics, they eat them immediately and it troubles them and their ecosystem. 
   Many people didn't aware of this issue and still using plastic without knowing the damage of it, but some people in the several countries aware of it and banned the usage of plastic bags in their country. They prefer to use paper bag or other bags rather than using plastic bag when they are shopping or bringing their things. 
    This movement is good for saving our Earth and environment from the damage which is done by human itself. In my country, Indonesia, those plastic bags still "travelling" around with their owner. I really want you to watch this documentary movie, for learning some knowledges about our environment. It better for us to do this movement start from ourself individually, then spread it to others. Take a look  and click at this picture below :

Our PartnersWhat You Can Do
Alternatives to Plastic
Spread the WordEducate YourselfWebsites and OrganizationsWebsites and OrganizationsAlternatives to PlasticOur PartnersEducate Yourself

Spread the Word

Those kind of simple actions that we can do without spent much energy of money, right? So, let's do it now!

Watch the Bag it movie on :
or visit this site for getting more info :

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Malam di Pegunungan - karya Chairil Anwar

Aku berpikir: Bulan inikah yang membikin dingin,

Jadi pucat dan kaku pohonan?

 Sekali ini aku terlalu sangat dapat jawab kepingin:

 Eh, ada bocah cilik main kejaran dengan bayangan!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Little Sandwich with Sausage and Abon ~

F-U-L-L ! Look at my stomach which looks like a 2 months pregnancy haha ~ (okay, that's too lebay)
It is because of a sandwich with sausage and chicken abon inside. The combination of sweet taste from the chicken abon and savory taste from the big and long sausage, give a perfect combination on my tongue.
The spicy chili sauce also stick in the outside of sandwich's package. It gives an alternative for you who love spicy food, but I really recommend you to add that sauce into sandwich because it can be tastier. 

 The length of the sandwich is about 15cm and the bread has white color. Let me explain about the texture of the bread. It's not as soft as cotton candy or as delicious as other bread with famous brand, but it doesn't need to be chewed hard because it easy to be chewed and swallowed. Unfortunately, there is no label name in the package and it is just wrapped with transparent plastic which the top is tied with pink ribbon. That's the simple looks but sweet ~

Do you want to taste it?
Are you worried for your money will be withdrawn?
HO HO !!
That sandwich has an affordable price, easy to be brought and yummy ~ only with IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) 3.500 you can take it with you.

Find it at the newspaper stall in Bonbin food court, besides Faculty of Cultural Sciences (FIB) UGM. 

Don't worry for your money, and feel free from your hungry !

Friday, March 22, 2013

Merapi eruption

“I really shocked when I was welcomed by Merapi’s eruption on October 2010,” said Amaryliani Sukma opening the story as she twisted the tail of her red veil.

The long story came through her mouth as she gave us a cup of tea in her living room. She held her mobile phone and showed us the picture of Merapi’s tragedy at that time.

“Luckily, I got the moment to capture the dust-rain after the eruption happened. I wore a mask to cover my face except my eyes, and I saw the road, buildings, and everything around become grey,” explained her.

Merapi Mountain is one of the dangerous volcanoes which located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and the eruption caused approximately 165 people died on October 26, 2010. The news of this natural disaster spread widely and quickly all over the world.

“My parents contacted me continually to make sure that I was safe and they told me to go home, because they worried that the effect will become worst and trouble my lungs,”
In order to avoid the bad effect of Merapi eruption, she decided to pulang kampong, went back to her hometown Cilegon,Banten. Nevertheless, she didn’t want to be called ‘ran away’ from the situation back then.

“I had mixed feelings, because I was happy to get an additional holiday but I felt sad and scared because this beautiful city became horror. Many people died, the dirty air existed and my pleasant UGM was also covered by the dust. There were also many rumors that wedhus gembel (materials of the eruption) will attack until 0 kilometers” Her eyebrows up and her eyes widen while telling the story.

At last, with all of her mighty, she went home by bus alone and kept that experience in her mind to share it whenever people want to hear that unforgettable moment from her.

Friday, March 15, 2013

a Letter for Ms. Dina

Yogyakarta, March 15, 2013
Hi, the young beautiful writer Ms. Dina
My name is Amaryliani Sukma, often called with Sukma.  I’m so glad to know you! I know that so many youth writers are famous and success, and when Mr. Dalih showed us your profile, and your letter in the class, I know that you’re one of those people or even better than them cause you had special experience when you were child.  Oh, I can’t stop to complement you from the beginning of my letter. Perhaps u can guess my personality from this, yeah I like talking to the point, Miss *grin* 
May I continue to make you smile wider? I can cheer you up! I’m happy if everybody happy when they are around me. Last Monday in the creative writing class, I couldn’t hide my sadness and concerned with the tragedy that happened to you in the past. I felt so lucky because I didn’t have that sorrowful story in my life, but I felt so failed because I didn’t produce a masterpiece of literary works yet. Whereas, I truly aware my study is about literature *sob* How humiliated I am –
Honestly, I really loved writing a short story but in Indonesian language, not in English. I had several short stories of my works since I was Junior High School and those works were acknowledged by my Indonesian Language teacher. Some of those stories tell about love and were affected from my life story *grin again* “Ya, namanya juga anak muda” maybe that sentence come up in your head now *blush*
For now, I don’t really have my confidence writing in English. Even though I am in the sixth semester of English Literature, but I thought I’m not rich in vocabularies so that my English words are too common. *hiks*
Then, every time I try to write in English, the best-terror-in-writing, GRAMMAR, pop up and frighten me! *scream*
Please I’m begging you to help me and suggest me everything that can wake me up. Give me your power and strength to face these problems. Teach me how to plug away, fight all of my laziness and timidity.  Thank you for spending your time to read this letter from the silly student like me. I can be more optimistic if you give me your wonderful book ! *smirk* Hope you will give respond or answer to my letter, visit my blog and I pray for you and your family to have a better-wonderful-beautiful life in wherever u live.

                                                                                                                 Best regard from Yogyakarta,
                                                                                                                        Amaryliani Sukma


Friday, March 8, 2013

Malioboro tempo doloe dan sekarang

Hi guys ! Do you guys waiting my new post? I come back with the new topic which is "Malioboro tempo doloe dan sekarang" .
Have you ever visited Malioboro? Or this is the first time for you hearing this kind of place? Maybe you still wondering, 'is it a name of food' ?
oh my ! I think all of Indonesian people know Malioboro except you are people from another country. Ok then, let me explain you lil' bit about Malioboro.
Malioboro is a name of street in Yogyakarta, Indonesia which has many places for shopping and sightseeing. The old and new Malioboro is definitely different in any aspect. Malioboro now looks more attractive, and modern. Look at the pictures of Malioboro 'tempo doeloe' and the current, it's pretty much proof that Yogyakarta (especially Malioboro) has developed a lot. For instance, Malioboro now is obviously more crowded than the old time, especially when holiday time ! This situation might happen because of the increasing of people who transmigrate to Yogyakarta. The old Malioboro was more spacy, a lots of people walked rather than used any possible transportation. The air looked fresh and cleaner back then, less vehicles and many trees on the side of the street.
Now , Yogyakarta is a tourism destination. This place grows rapidly and becomes a business area. Malioboro full with banner/billboard and there are many sellers selling their stuffs (like bag, clothes, accessories, food etc) along the side roads. Throughout times, people tend to change naturally depending on its social and economic demands. This also occurs to Malioboro.
Change is needed and, sometimes it's good . 

(pictures credit:

Monday, March 4, 2013

My Life Story Hi, guys. I wanna share my life story and I'll warn you to not expect mellow drama in this post !
why? cause my story is faaaaaaaaaaaaaar from amazing, bombastic, fantastic things. Is it flat ? No, It's not flat. Like a tagline of Chitato : "Life is never flat"

Here's my story begin ~ cuzzzz

oeee oeee ~ on July 28, 1992 a female baby was born at Panti Rapih Hospital Yogyakarta. She was very cute and lovable. She was named Amaryliani Sukma Gustariana. Somewhat long name, but still beautiful right? It has meaning on that name. Her parents were graduted from Biology Department UGM , so they gave their first child with the name of "Lily's flower" . Have you ever heard name "Amarylis" ? It's scientific name of Lily flower. Then, "Sukma" means soul in Indonesian and "Gustariana" comes from that baby's parents name

She spent her life almost 18 years in Cilegon, Banten because her father got his job in that region. She always thought of her birth of place, where her grandpa `nd grandma were living. She had a dream to be accepted by UGM (Universitas Gadjah Mada). Time by time passed, and she got her time to decide her major in University for the best future. She wanna choose Management and Communication department as her choice but her father said that English became popular and be 
very useful in this globalization era. Because she is an nice girl (ceilaaah) thus she followed her father's choice. 

She knew that to be accepted by UGM is very very hard, she worked and studied hard. She prayed for the God and did "nazar" to accomplish her wish. JJJAAANG ! God gave her a good answer !! She was accepted by UGM in major: English Literature , Faculty of Cultural Sciences. 

She realized that she didn't good enough in English skill, back then she felt loose her self-confidence. But people around gave her support and she could be a though girl. Now, she lives happily in Yogyakarta. Although sometimes those afraid, home-sickness and worrisome comes again, she can resolve it. 

That's the story of Amaryliani Sukma Gustariana
Thanks for reading it and see ya in the next post

Friday, February 22, 2013

Task of Creative Writing Class

Hello ~ Long time no see .
Sorry for making u guys waiting my posts 
Do u still remember me? what's my name? 
Sukma !
That's right . I'm in Sixth Semester now hohoho~

                      Jump into the point !
-Creative Writing Class-
what's in ur mind when u hear that ? When it comes to "writing", I love it. But I'm afraid of my mistake in Grammar.
U feel the same?
Don't mind it

Last Monday, I joined Creative Writing Class which taught by Mr. Dalih Sembiring . He is an awesome travel blogger (here his site : feel free to check it out)
My first impression is............

Fun [!] Since I loved blogging for a long times ago 
I didn't know that this class has different method than other writing classes that I took before, cause Mr. Dalih uses BLOG as our media for creative writing. Mr. Dalih seemed shy, but he tried to catch our attention. I saw his words are beautiful although it seems exaggerated. 
Here my task for fulfill creative writing task which was given by Mr. Dalih  

Five senses.

A place where u can get here anytime without spend any cost. Try to guess it ! It's a bedroom My own bedroom in my house (not dormitory, okey?) is my favorite room. Pink-white colours with wall-sticker, air-contioner, big clothes closet on the right side, and one bedroom. Comfortable and once u enter my bedroom, u can't leave it. U may feel trapped in that place HAHAHA 

I hate the smell of Luwak coffee and Pete !!! I think almost everybody hate Pete's stench. More than three days to vanish its stench completely. errr~ If someone offers me those things, I will answer "NO, THANK YOU". 

 Siomay from Bandung so delicious and it has a taste of heaven ~ HAHAHA 
I love original siomay which is made from mackerel fish. Look at this picture above... It makes your saliva dropped, right? GULP. How tasty it is !!
With the peanut sauce on top of it, siomay + tofu + cabbage + potato are the perfect combination !

The first sound which I heard this morning is my alarm song from my hand phone. It was so loud and has an abstract sound ! Imagine if a beautiful song which u like comes to your ears in the middle of your dream. It makes your sleep more comfy. But my alarm has an unique sound. I still thank to it, cause it woke me up to do Shubuh Pray  

Plastic, elastic, fantastic !
I wore CROCS shoes for today when I went to the market. Comfy and easy to wear, it also didn't heavy at all. Holes are every sides on my CROCS shoes. It made me feel fresh cause it has many ventilation HAHAHA

~ Thank you for reading ~