Friday, March 15, 2013

a Letter for Ms. Dina

Yogyakarta, March 15, 2013
Hi, the young beautiful writer Ms. Dina
My name is Amaryliani Sukma, often called with Sukma.  I’m so glad to know you! I know that so many youth writers are famous and success, and when Mr. Dalih showed us your profile, and your letter in the class, I know that you’re one of those people or even better than them cause you had special experience when you were child.  Oh, I can’t stop to complement you from the beginning of my letter. Perhaps u can guess my personality from this, yeah I like talking to the point, Miss *grin* 
May I continue to make you smile wider? I can cheer you up! I’m happy if everybody happy when they are around me. Last Monday in the creative writing class, I couldn’t hide my sadness and concerned with the tragedy that happened to you in the past. I felt so lucky because I didn’t have that sorrowful story in my life, but I felt so failed because I didn’t produce a masterpiece of literary works yet. Whereas, I truly aware my study is about literature *sob* How humiliated I am –
Honestly, I really loved writing a short story but in Indonesian language, not in English. I had several short stories of my works since I was Junior High School and those works were acknowledged by my Indonesian Language teacher. Some of those stories tell about love and were affected from my life story *grin again* “Ya, namanya juga anak muda” maybe that sentence come up in your head now *blush*
For now, I don’t really have my confidence writing in English. Even though I am in the sixth semester of English Literature, but I thought I’m not rich in vocabularies so that my English words are too common. *hiks*
Then, every time I try to write in English, the best-terror-in-writing, GRAMMAR, pop up and frighten me! *scream*
Please I’m begging you to help me and suggest me everything that can wake me up. Give me your power and strength to face these problems. Teach me how to plug away, fight all of my laziness and timidity.  Thank you for spending your time to read this letter from the silly student like me. I can be more optimistic if you give me your wonderful book ! *smirk* Hope you will give respond or answer to my letter, visit my blog and I pray for you and your family to have a better-wonderful-beautiful life in wherever u live.

                                                                                                                 Best regard from Yogyakarta,
                                                                                                                        Amaryliani Sukma


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