Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Malam di Pegunungan - karya Chairil Anwar

Aku berpikir: Bulan inikah yang membikin dingin,

Jadi pucat dan kaku pohonan?

 Sekali ini aku terlalu sangat dapat jawab kepingin:

 Eh, ada bocah cilik main kejaran dengan bayangan!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Little Sandwich with Sausage and Abon ~

F-U-L-L ! Look at my stomach which looks like a 2 months pregnancy haha ~ (okay, that's too lebay)
It is because of a sandwich with sausage and chicken abon inside. The combination of sweet taste from the chicken abon and savory taste from the big and long sausage, give a perfect combination on my tongue.
The spicy chili sauce also stick in the outside of sandwich's package. It gives an alternative for you who love spicy food, but I really recommend you to add that sauce into sandwich because it can be tastier. 

 The length of the sandwich is about 15cm and the bread has white color. Let me explain about the texture of the bread. It's not as soft as cotton candy or as delicious as other bread with famous brand, but it doesn't need to be chewed hard because it easy to be chewed and swallowed. Unfortunately, there is no label name in the package and it is just wrapped with transparent plastic which the top is tied with pink ribbon. That's the simple looks but sweet ~

Do you want to taste it?
Are you worried for your money will be withdrawn?
HO HO !!
That sandwich has an affordable price, easy to be brought and yummy ~ only with IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) 3.500 you can take it with you.

Find it at the newspaper stall in Bonbin food court, besides Faculty of Cultural Sciences (FIB) UGM. 

Don't worry for your money, and feel free from your hungry !