Monday, March 4, 2013

My Life Story Hi, guys. I wanna share my life story and I'll warn you to not expect mellow drama in this post !
why? cause my story is faaaaaaaaaaaaaar from amazing, bombastic, fantastic things. Is it flat ? No, It's not flat. Like a tagline of Chitato : "Life is never flat"

Here's my story begin ~ cuzzzz

oeee oeee ~ on July 28, 1992 a female baby was born at Panti Rapih Hospital Yogyakarta. She was very cute and lovable. She was named Amaryliani Sukma Gustariana. Somewhat long name, but still beautiful right? It has meaning on that name. Her parents were graduted from Biology Department UGM , so they gave their first child with the name of "Lily's flower" . Have you ever heard name "Amarylis" ? It's scientific name of Lily flower. Then, "Sukma" means soul in Indonesian and "Gustariana" comes from that baby's parents name

She spent her life almost 18 years in Cilegon, Banten because her father got his job in that region. She always thought of her birth of place, where her grandpa `nd grandma were living. She had a dream to be accepted by UGM (Universitas Gadjah Mada). Time by time passed, and she got her time to decide her major in University for the best future. She wanna choose Management and Communication department as her choice but her father said that English became popular and be 
very useful in this globalization era. Because she is an nice girl (ceilaaah) thus she followed her father's choice. 

She knew that to be accepted by UGM is very very hard, she worked and studied hard. She prayed for the God and did "nazar" to accomplish her wish. JJJAAANG ! God gave her a good answer !! She was accepted by UGM in major: English Literature , Faculty of Cultural Sciences. 

She realized that she didn't good enough in English skill, back then she felt loose her self-confidence. But people around gave her support and she could be a though girl. Now, she lives happily in Yogyakarta. Although sometimes those afraid, home-sickness and worrisome comes again, she can resolve it. 

That's the story of Amaryliani Sukma Gustariana
Thanks for reading it and see ya in the next post

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