Friday, March 22, 2013

Merapi eruption

“I really shocked when I was welcomed by Merapi’s eruption on October 2010,” said Amaryliani Sukma opening the story as she twisted the tail of her red veil.

The long story came through her mouth as she gave us a cup of tea in her living room. She held her mobile phone and showed us the picture of Merapi’s tragedy at that time.

“Luckily, I got the moment to capture the dust-rain after the eruption happened. I wore a mask to cover my face except my eyes, and I saw the road, buildings, and everything around become grey,” explained her.

Merapi Mountain is one of the dangerous volcanoes which located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and the eruption caused approximately 165 people died on October 26, 2010. The news of this natural disaster spread widely and quickly all over the world.

“My parents contacted me continually to make sure that I was safe and they told me to go home, because they worried that the effect will become worst and trouble my lungs,”
In order to avoid the bad effect of Merapi eruption, she decided to pulang kampong, went back to her hometown Cilegon,Banten. Nevertheless, she didn’t want to be called ‘ran away’ from the situation back then.

“I had mixed feelings, because I was happy to get an additional holiday but I felt sad and scared because this beautiful city became horror. Many people died, the dirty air existed and my pleasant UGM was also covered by the dust. There were also many rumors that wedhus gembel (materials of the eruption) will attack until 0 kilometers” Her eyebrows up and her eyes widen while telling the story.

At last, with all of her mighty, she went home by bus alone and kept that experience in her mind to share it whenever people want to hear that unforgettable moment from her.

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