Saturday, June 15, 2013

Counting down to K-K-N

Okay, this posting doesn't have relation to Creative Writing class, thus I wanna posting it in Bahasa Indonesia. May I?

Tinggal dua minggu lagi nih menuju KKN 2013 bersama tim KP 04 yang siap mengabdi untuk masyarakat Desa Sidoharjo, Kecamatan Samigaluh, Kulonprogo (it's Westprog!) 
Dulunya, aku bergabung dengan tim KKN Senduro, Lumajang, Jawa Timur. Namun, karena keputusan LPPM yang...... (panjang ceritanya, anak UGM pasti pada tau deh) akhirnya tim KKN kami bubar dan tidak melanjutkan kerjasama untuk menjadi tim pengusul.

Iya, aku pasrah. Aku berserah pada Allah SWT dan LPPM (?)
(if only you don't know what is LPPM, it is "Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat)
Aku akhirnya memilih untuk ditempatkan oleh LPPM di mana saja dan kapan saja (?)
tapi kerana aku memilih wilayah 1 yakni D.I.Y dan sekitarnya, aku mendapatkan tim ini yay!

First impression of this group? great !
Tim kami kelihatan kompak (dan semoga memang kompak) dan anggotanya kelihatan menyenangkan semua (dan semoga memang benar) *grin*

Aku berharap banyak pada KKN ini, aku ingin kami dikenang oleh Desa tempat kami mengabdi nanti. Dikenang karena kerja keras, hasil maksimal dan attitude yang baik tentunya. Bukan dikenang kerana sesuatu yang buruk (amin - in please) Sekarang aku juga lagi ngumpulin buku bekas nih untuk perpustakaan desa sana. Baru ke kumpul dua kardus nih huhu

Yuk, ditunggu cerita selanjutnya mengenai KKN~

Fighting !

an Editing of Listiyaningsih's post

This is an editing of Listiyaningsih's posting from:
Which originally entitled         
"He" is Beautiful

Gone to Bali for the last two weeks for an important agenda, Mas Dalih, our creative writing lecturer, sent his friends Mbak Abmi to substitute for him. She had come as a guest speaker before. As I mentioned in my previous post, one Monday she played the movie Bag It which we had to review. Last week, she brought a guest, a beautiful guest with long hair, a pointed nose, and a proportional body. She sat in a back row. She might appear as a woman, but something unusual about her. I kept wondering if she was actually a “he”. To our surprise, Mbak Abmi mentioned that she was a waria.

  Her introduction began with her name, Olivia Sonya Aresta which ushered us into her world. A nocturnal world whose residents are notoriously known as waria or transvestite. Born in Klaten, she is now living in Yogya, her home since her vocational education. However, her jobs outnumbered her homes. She did odd-jobs like being a volunteer for PKBI (Persatuan Keluarga Berencana Indonesia), a seller of online shop and rather specialized jobs such as a bridal make-up artist.

 To be accepted by her family and finding her identity are her list things to do for her homework, she struggles through it because her mother still can't accept her as a waria.

From Klaten to Jogja, she moved on. She told us that in the past, she felt comfortable when played around with girls than boys, this moment led her to be girly and caught also mocked by her friend in Senior High School (SHS) when she dressed up like a girl. That was the reason why she decided to Hijrah to Yogyakarta. 

She felt Yogyakarta has different ambiance than other cities. She traveled around Solo, Bandung, Jakarta, Bali, but she found out that Yogyakarta is her soulmate. She also became a volunteer in Bantul, Yogyakarta after Earthquake. She wants to help people, especially, against HIV AIDS. She also wants to prove that the identity of waria is not a mere marginal society but they have real contributions to this world by doing something useful. 

Her beauty inside, give me so much inspiration..

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Art Curatorial: a Painting of Volkswagen Beetle

 This is a great acrylic painting made by Kim Yee Seul, my classmate in English Literature. Sixteen years old was her age when she painted it. That's her dream for riding pink-cute Volkswagen on the road on summer. Actually, she only made the car itself, without the background, but she added it. It's a good decision, since that background (sky with white clouds, grass) made the painting lively and the gradation of the colors are match: soft pink meets up with fresh green and calm soft blue. And the last, thick gray road with shadow emphasized the others fresh color. Grabbing attention of my eyes is this Kim Yee Seul's pink Volkswagen ! If you have free time, don't hesitate to visit her blog: