Friday, February 22, 2013

Task of Creative Writing Class

Hello ~ Long time no see .
Sorry for making u guys waiting my posts 
Do u still remember me? what's my name? 
Sukma !
That's right . I'm in Sixth Semester now hohoho~

                      Jump into the point !
-Creative Writing Class-
what's in ur mind when u hear that ? When it comes to "writing", I love it. But I'm afraid of my mistake in Grammar.
U feel the same?
Don't mind it

Last Monday, I joined Creative Writing Class which taught by Mr. Dalih Sembiring . He is an awesome travel blogger (here his site : feel free to check it out)
My first impression is............

Fun [!] Since I loved blogging for a long times ago 
I didn't know that this class has different method than other writing classes that I took before, cause Mr. Dalih uses BLOG as our media for creative writing. Mr. Dalih seemed shy, but he tried to catch our attention. I saw his words are beautiful although it seems exaggerated. 
Here my task for fulfill creative writing task which was given by Mr. Dalih  

Five senses.

A place where u can get here anytime without spend any cost. Try to guess it ! It's a bedroom My own bedroom in my house (not dormitory, okey?) is my favorite room. Pink-white colours with wall-sticker, air-contioner, big clothes closet on the right side, and one bedroom. Comfortable and once u enter my bedroom, u can't leave it. U may feel trapped in that place HAHAHA 

I hate the smell of Luwak coffee and Pete !!! I think almost everybody hate Pete's stench. More than three days to vanish its stench completely. errr~ If someone offers me those things, I will answer "NO, THANK YOU". 

 Siomay from Bandung so delicious and it has a taste of heaven ~ HAHAHA 
I love original siomay which is made from mackerel fish. Look at this picture above... It makes your saliva dropped, right? GULP. How tasty it is !!
With the peanut sauce on top of it, siomay + tofu + cabbage + potato are the perfect combination !

The first sound which I heard this morning is my alarm song from my hand phone. It was so loud and has an abstract sound ! Imagine if a beautiful song which u like comes to your ears in the middle of your dream. It makes your sleep more comfy. But my alarm has an unique sound. I still thank to it, cause it woke me up to do Shubuh Pray  

Plastic, elastic, fantastic !
I wore CROCS shoes for today when I went to the market. Comfy and easy to wear, it also didn't heavy at all. Holes are every sides on my CROCS shoes. It made me feel fresh cause it has many ventilation HAHAHA

~ Thank you for reading ~

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