Friday, May 10, 2013

Review of "Bag it" movie

    There is one of amazing documentary movie which opened my eyes, entitled bag it. This movie brings the issues of plastic which becomes a problem for our environment also for our precious Earth. Plastic, in this movie, is explained as a disposable thing and hard to be recycled. Susan Beraza as the director of this movie provides us many facts about plastic and the dangerous of it that we can't imagine before. Everyone in everywhere ( including me!) using plastic in their daily activity. Mall, supermarket, offices, school till house using plastic for packaging, plastic bag, tools and many more. 
    The trash of those plastics are thrown away to the sea/ocean by the unresponsible human (maybe we also included into this kind of human?) and damage the ocean health or marine debris. Some fishes and turtles which can't distinguish between plankton, jelly fish and the pieces of plastics, they eat them immediately and it troubles them and their ecosystem. 
   Many people didn't aware of this issue and still using plastic without knowing the damage of it, but some people in the several countries aware of it and banned the usage of plastic bags in their country. They prefer to use paper bag or other bags rather than using plastic bag when they are shopping or bringing their things. 
    This movement is good for saving our Earth and environment from the damage which is done by human itself. In my country, Indonesia, those plastic bags still "travelling" around with their owner. I really want you to watch this documentary movie, for learning some knowledges about our environment. It better for us to do this movement start from ourself individually, then spread it to others. Take a look  and click at this picture below :

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Spread the Word

Those kind of simple actions that we can do without spent much energy of money, right? So, let's do it now!

Watch the Bag it movie on :
or visit this site for getting more info :

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