Saturday, May 18, 2013

(S)he came !

"Hidup dan belajar kalian bukan cuma di kampus, bersosialisasi lah!" (Your life and study aren't only in your college, so be socialize) 
That's the words that I remind the most which was said by the person who came as a guest in Creative Writing class last Monday. Her name is Mbak Sonya, and she originally came from Klaten, Central Java. Once she spoke in front of the class, we started to murmur and wondering about her appearance. Ya, she looks "different" from us, although that's not something new in our life, in short, she is an waria (a man who changes his appearance into completely woman, but his gender still as a man).

"My name is Sonya, and I'm a freelancer", she started to share her bittersweet of life and her background. "Don't ask my real name, just call me S-o-n-y-a" she added. That made us laugh, cause that question really came to our mind. She told us how hard her life in the past, and the reason why she chose that decision. 

She was an activist and volunteer in PKBI (Persatuan Keluarga Berencana Indonesia) which concern in Indonesian family. Spreading the information about HIV/AIDS towards all Indonesian people whom she met, is one of her activities when she was in PKBI. She was also become volunteer when an Earthquake in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on 2006. 

Don't look her from her appearance, but please look and imitate her good attitude in socializing with others. She doesn't look ashamed of herself, but she proud of it!  
Hardworking, helping and respecting people, make some people around her give good respond to her. Despite, some of them also look down on her and I am one of them, but it happened in the past, before I saw and listened to her story.

In conclusion, give respect and chance for "them" to pursue their happiness, and give those two things for our self to be better that before. If they can be a helpful person, so why can't we?   

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