Tuesday, August 19, 2014

a short letter on Tuesday


Alhamdulillah.. what a beautiful and nice Tuesday :)
Feeling grateful because of Allah Ta'Ala and him.
yes, him.
someone who is coloring my life since we met in the office.
He is much older than me. We have 5 years of the age gap. But, age is doesn't matter
as long as he is kind, mature, sholeh and has responsibility as an imam for our future.
Never thought before, that I can fall in love to that man.
What kind of person is he?
He is so funny and a bright man, every time I have a chat with him, I laugh. He change my mood instantly from the bad into the bright one. His act, his words, his saying, his thought are always fun and positive.
He is also mature and patient to face my childishness.
Can you imagine how kind is he?
The most important one..
He respects my principle,my belief,
that I don't want to date any man without a legal relationship called as marriage.
Thus, because of that reason, Alhamdulillah he want to take a serious step for our sake.
If you read this posting, please send us your sincere pray and I wish you a happy and good life too :)
may Allah always bless us :)

special for you, Mas Sugianto.
I just want to say, thank you :)